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Individual licenses for Educational and Theological needs

MagicScore Maestro 8 – $30 off, use coupon code MAESTRO8EDU

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MagicScore Notation for MS Word 8 – $40.00 off, use coupon code MNV8EDU

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Educational packs

MagicScore Maestro 8, 5 lic. pack, $119[1][id]=37869

MagicScore Maestro 8, 10 lic. pack, $199[1][id]=37870

MagicScore Maestro 8, 25 lic. pack, $399[1][id]=37871

MagicScore Maestro 8, site license (1 organization for example 1
school, choir, orchestra, band etc), $499[1][id]=37301

Other software for musicians

If you need MagicScore Notation for MS Word, Music Scanning or other software for music education or theological needs please contact us