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Mouse input in MagicScore

In order to activate Mouse Input mode, switch the button in the lower left corner of the Notes to the following state:

When exclusively using mouse input for entering notes, you choose note values by scrolling the mouse wheel or by clicking the corresponding button in the Notes panel.

You can also use the keyboard; note values are selected with the numbers 1 through 8.

To enter a note, just move the cursor to the desired position in the staff and click the left mouse button.

To enter a rest, choose its value, hold Shift, and click at the desired position in the score.

To add Staccato to a note, click the Staccato button or press the corresponding key on the keyboard, move the mouse cursor to the note, and press the right mouse button.

The most convenient position of your hands is shown in the Figure below:

Note, in this mode, the button that switches to Multiple Input mode is accessible.

After its activation, the program will keep the settings once they are chosen. For example, if you need three quarter notes with flats and staccato simply activate the corresponding buttons.

Now you will be able to enter the notes by clicking with the mouse:

Using Mouse Input mode, you can easily create a composition of any complexity:

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