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(This feature is available only in the «Maestro» and «Classic» versions).

The program writes music through MIDI devices. Recording begins from the current position in the score on the current staff according to the tempo defined under settings. The minimum duration of recorded notes is established in «Program settings».

Recording starts when you click the «Record»  button and stops when you click the «Stop»  button. The current position of the cursor is automatically set in the score according to the given tempo. Musical input devices may be set in«Program settings».

You can set record modes in the record window (which opens after the recording has started).

The «Real time»  button sets the score cursor movement mode. When selected, the cursor moves according to the tempo set for the current position, i.e. in real time mode. If not selected, the cursor moves to the next position after the note only if the «Chord» button is not selected. (If the chord button is selected, then the cursor will not move.)

The «Metronome»  button sets the metronome properties. If the «Real time» button is not selected, the «Metronome» button determines the duration of the added note. If the «Metronome» button is selected, then the duration of the added note is determined in real time according to the quantizing state; i.e., the minimum duration of a note to be added.

The «Two hands»  button sets the mode for a part with 2 staves in which the notes are added to the staves according to their pitch.

Other buttons (semitones, triplets, etc.) are needed to set some extra note or rest properties.

Recording is performed from the device in «Service” | «Settings» | «Devices» | “Input». Also it is possible to tune options in «Volume control» Windows.

Use hot keys to speed up switching modes.

See «Hot keys».

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