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The program allows you to enter “Tempo” symbols into the score by using the «Tempo»  button on the  panel.

You can change the tempo with symbols such as «Allegro». You can set the properties of the change from the window that can be accessed via the main window «Templates» | «Terms» | «Tempo».

You can change the list of terms and their presentation via the term editor «Templates» | «Terms» | «List of Terms».

To manage the tempo of the composition, «Tempo Editor» is used. To open it, please go to the menu «Windows»/«Editors». It reflects the temporal diagram divided into times and time beats. The cursor of the editor is synchronized with the cursor of the score. Tempo scale is placed according to the pitch, which indicates the number of beats per minute. Changing the tempo of the composition is possible through drag transfer with the help of Alt+Up/Down keys or  or  keys.

A composition has a default tempo. It is used until new tempo marks are added to the score. This property can be accessed from «Composition Properties.

You can also set a temporary change in tempo for the whole composition. This tempo change is set in terms of percentages relative to the tempo indicated in the score or relative to the default tempo, which means that all the tempos in the score are changed by the value of the temporary change thus allowing you to play the music a little faster or slower without changing the tempo marks within the score one by one. The property is accessible from Playback window..

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