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Commands to change file, playback and recording parameters. On the Main Menu under «Service».

    • «General» – For file parameters.
    • «Save»

«Save backup»

         – creates a new backup copy when a file is saved. Existing backups are not overwritten.


         – limits the number of backup copies saved to the designated number and deletes the oldest copy beyond this number.


         – automatically saves changed files at designated intervals.


         – sets the interval for automatic saving of files.


    • «Effects»

«Playback when enter»

         – hear a note when you enter it using the “Notes” panel.

«Playback on drag note»

         – hear a note when you it drag it.

«Playback for Piano input»

         – hear a note when you enter it using the “Piano”.

«Playback for Guitar input»

         – hear a note when you enter it using the “Guitar”.

«Playback for MIDI input»

         – hear a note when you enter it using your MIDI device.

«Show note pitch tip when enter»

         – pops up the note name at the mouse cursor.

«Highlight played note on Piano board»

         – highlights played notes on the Piano board during score playback.

«Show playback»

         – sets the color of notes’ illumination while playing.

«Cursor blink»

         – set up or cancel cursor blink in the score.

«Cursor style»

         – style in the score.


    • «Autocalculate»

«Auto fill page»

         – filling to end page with empty measures.

«Auto Playback of Effect Symbols»

         – if selected, correct playback of effect symbols (e.g. trill, gruppetto, mordent) will be defined as they are entered.

«Auto Playback of Dynamics Symbols»

         – if selected, correct playback of dynamics symbols (e.g. forte, crescendo) will be defined as they are entered.

«Auto stem length»

         – if selected, correct stem length on notes entering or moving according music rules (used for outside staff notes, stem continue to center of staff for notes turn to staff or short for others).

«Auto fill measure» – filling the empty part of measure with rests according to measure duration.

  • «Text from Right to Left» – if this is set the program will work in the opposite direction for the new text (for example: as Arabic text).
  • «Devices» – selects the current output and input devices.
  • «Record/Playback» – sets the quantization mode when recording notes from an input device; in other words, the minimum size of notes recorded. Also defines settings for the metronome used for recording and playback.

«Real time»

       – if set then cursor is moving along the score according to tempo otherwise it is moved only after adding a note (if Chord mode is off).

«Rounded/exact playback»

       – if set then note duration during playback will be set according quantization settings. Otherwise real duration is kept for each note and used in playback.

«Two hands»

       – automatic distribution of notes in two staves according to the fixed point of division (note’s pitch) is set.

«Default velocity»

       – if it is set then program is using this value when storing MIDI input instead of the real one received from MIDI device.


       – assigns metronome settings for playback, record or special instrument “Metronome”.

«When record»

         – Set up or cancel metronome playback while record from external MIDI device.

«When play»

         – Set up or cancel metronome playback while score play.


         – metronome note duration.

«First velocity»

         – Influence on first note sound in the measure, by default its sound is higher.

«Channel and timbre»

         – Assign sound for MIDI to play the first note in metronome.


        For further notes in the measure (their quantity depends upon measure size) the same parameters are assigned.


    • «Music» – settings of displaying note names, harmonics, dynamics, and effects, direction of guitar fretboards and tablature styles.


       – note names used for display in program. Two predefined sets could be used or new names could be added manually.


       – settings for volume calculation. When dynamics symbol is occurred these settings are used to adjust current note or symbol value and could be edited in Note Volume Editor.


       – settings for musical effects calculation. When correspondent symbol is occurred these settings are used for changing in the current position of note or symbol. In Playback editor you can adjust allocation of this effects in timescale.

«Fretboards direction»

       – the way guitar fretboards are displayed in the score.

«Tablature style »

       – the style of displaying note flags on tablature staff.


«Mail» – settings for send mail on «File» | «Mail to» command.

  • «Position» – while adding the symbols to the note (when the symbol is chosen from “Notes” or “Symbols” panel and added to the note) the offsets define the symbols place related to the variable set up by default. In other words those variables can be set up in the case when you want to change symbols place related to the note set up by the program.


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