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The program plays back music from the score. Playback begins from the current position in the score in the tempo defined by the settings or as changed in the score. The program monitors the current playback position and sets the cursor appropriately on the score, switching pages when necessary. Playback begins when you click the “Play”  button and stops when you click the “Stop”  button, or upon reaching the end of the score. The musical output device may be defined in «Program settings».

If the “Repeat”  button is pressed the program will be replaying a composition until “Stop” command is done.

During playback you can 1) adjust the “Tempo”  slider in the instruments menu to change the tempo, 2) fade part or voice playback, 3) control the volume of a single voice/part (through the Project menu) or adjust the volume of the whole composition by moving the “Volume”  slider in the Instruments menu.

If you need to play only fragment of a piece you can select needed notes. In this case program will play only selected fragment.

The sound is output on the device what you can set in “Service” | “Settings” | “Devices”. It is possible to set options in “Volume control” Windows (you can call it there too).

Also you can switch the metronome on/off (“Playing” panel). It’s properties are accessed in “Service” | “Settings” | “Record/Play”.

You can mute any part, staff or voice in project window or in properties of correspondent object (“Composition” menu). You can also specify the “Solo” for any voice (in context menu of project window), when all other voices will be muted.

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