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Keyboard input in MagicScore programs

MagicScore has several easy ways to enter notes into your score. Keyboard Input is one the fastest input modes and is mostly used by music typists. Be sure that the button in the Notes panel is active.

The pitch of the note to be entered is chosen by the Up/Down arrows:

The value of the note is chosen by pressing the number 1 through 8. Rests are entered by the combination Shift+value.

Once the value of the note has been chosen the note is entered automatically:

At the cursor position, you can also add a symbol like staccato, accent etc.

In this example, the key S (Staccato) was pressed.

Left/Right arrows move the cursor forward and backward through the score.

As you see, adding notes using this method is really easy: your right hand is put on the arrow keys, and your left hand is located near the numeric row of the keyboard.

Using Keyboard Input, you can easily create a composition of any complexity:

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