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You can define volume level for the entire piece and for separate notes. Volume for the entire piece is controlled by the trackbar on the instrument panel.

Each note also contains a velocity in the standard MIDI-defined intervals from 0 to 127. The default value is 64 (half the maximum volume). To change settings, use the  panel and select the «Volume note editor»  button. First select the notes whose volume requires adjustment, then press the «Volume note editor»  button. This opens the volume editor and displays the notes’ current velocity in the score near the note. The editor displays the selected notes’ velocity as a graph. The «Increment»  button increases the volume of the whole selected staff; the «Decrement»  button lowers it. The «Alignment»  button changes the velocity of the selected notes creating a smooth crescendo (or decrescendo) from the first note to the last. (If the first and last notes are of equal velocity, all notes in between will be set to that same velocity.)

In the program, volume is also adjusted through dynamics symbols placed on the staff.

The program can adjust velocity, which you can alter in the velocity editor, either automatically or manually. To adjust automatically, set «Auto Playback of Dynamics Symbols» in the «Program settings». You can manually adjust the dynamics symbols’ properties from the panel through the dropdown box of the «Voice calculate»  button.

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