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Space between the staves is specified in «Staff interval» property of the «General» tab of the «Composition properties» dialog («Composition» menu). You can also align the staves vertically by pressing the  button on the score «Rules» by the  buttons of the  panel. The program can change these values when vertical respacing of staves is performed.

Spacing between notes is specified in «Note Spacing» box of «General» tab in «Composition properties» dialog («Composition» menu) The value is used if note spacing is set to «Evenly». When set to «Proportionally» note spacing depends of their duration. If «Position» note spacing is set then program calculates the whole amount of beats per page divides that by number of lines and then arranges notes according to beats. You can also change the space between notes by  button of score «Ruler» or by  buttons of  panel. When measures are justified note spacing could differ from default.

You can add a gap (i.e. empty space) between measures by  button of score «Ruler» or by  buttons of  panel.

By default each staff is justified between left and right page margins (see. «Composition» | «Composition properties» | «Page»). You can adjust left or right indent of staff by  button on score «Ruler» or by  buttons of panel.

You can set spacing between clefs, key and time signatures (by default it is set to 0) in «Composition properties» dialog («Composition» menu) in «Layout» tabs.

By default program aligns staves according to page width and height. This is specified in «Composition properties» («Composition» menu) «General» tab. You can also set this alignment for any staff ( panel  button) and for any page ( panel  button), if general alignment is off. Set cursor into proper position and press this button.

You can also set text alignment in the score ( panel  buttons). Specified alignment is valid for the rectangle filled with text. In order to change it you need to select the text and press one of the buttons.

You can also align symbols or lyrics vertically or horizontally by  buttons of  panel. Select needed symbols (by holding Alt key and clicking one of symbols you can select all symbols of the same type in one line, for example all lyrics).

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