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Section settings.

  • «Name» – section title, the title is not marked in the score, but used to name the parts in project tree.
  • «Tempo» – section tempo by default, i.e. used in the beginning of the composition till music symbols or terms in the score, which change the composition tempo.
  • «Pick-up (Ubeat)» – pick-up (ubeat) with time signature different from the common time signature, if not marked, then its time signature is equal to the common time signature..
  • «JazzSwing» – playback style where first note increases and the second decreases.
  • «Staff interval» – Sets the interval (in the page metric) between staves on the page for all section.
  • «System interval» – interval between the staves of adjacent systems, if not marked the interval is equal to the staff interval.
  • «Rastrum»/«Scale» – Specifies the scaling of the section and its symbols.

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