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Set the part parameters.


  • «Name» – Name of the part used in the project tree.
  • «Timbre» – Default MIDI patch used for playback if not specified for voices of this part.
  • «Transposition» – Interval between notation and real pitches during playback.
  • «Channel» – MIDI channel assigned to this part and used during playback.
  • «Volume» – Volume of the MIDI channel assigned to this part.
  • «Pan» – Pan of the MIDI channel assigned to this part.
  • «Mute» – Mutes this part during playback.
  • «Staff interval» – Sets the interval (in the page metric) between staves on the page for this page, if not marked, the interval from composition properties is used.
  • «Visible» – Visible or hidden part in the score.

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