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Set the score’s parameters.

«General» – General properties of the score.

    • «Staff interval» – sets the interval (in the page metric) between staves on the page for all compositions.
    • «System interval» – interval between the staves of adjacent systems, if not marked the interval is equal to the staff interval.
    • «Rastrum»/«Scale» – sets the scale (from 3mm to 10mm) of the data on the sheet. (Used when printing or exporting to graphic formats.)
    • «Note spacing» – styles of the notes filling in the measures.
    • “Evenly” – The space occupied by a note within a measure depends on the size and amount of graphical images. “Proportional” – The space occupied by a note within a measure depends on its duration. “Space between notes” – Increases/decreases the space between notes. The default is 2 pixels. These settings are used for the entire composition, but you can set them for each staff separately

«Setting measure alignment style.»

  • «Beaming note style» – specifies the way notes in the measure are beamed together. Options include 1) no beams; 2) beam all notes in the measure in one group; 3) beam notes according to time signature; 4) custom beaming. By default, these settings are used for the entire composition, but you can set them for each measure separately «Setting the style for beaming notes.»
  • «Alignment» – Sets the horizontal alignment of measures and the vertical alignment of staves on a sheet for all composition.
  • «Use Key Signature for grace notes» – while playing grace-notes the part’s key must be considered.
  • «Empty pages at beginning» – Specifies the number of blank pages at the beginning of a composition. You can add text, pictures and other design elements to such pages.

«Page» – Sets up the score for the printer.

  • «Metric» – Sets measurement of the page to millimeters, inches, or pixels.
  • «Paper size» – Sets the printer paper orientation and dimensions to any of 26 predefined formats. Allows the user to define other exact dimensions by preselecting Custom from the dropdown list box.
  • «Margin» – Sets the left, right, top and bottom margins of the page in millimeters, inches or pixels.
  • «Turn for even pages» – the program swaps right and left offsets for even pages (used for double side print).

«Print settings» – Parameters for printing.

  • «Print empty lines at end of composition» – If not selected, printing stops when data stops.
  • «Print empty measures at end of composition» – If the previous option is selected, this option allows you to also print the empty measures at the end of the piece.
  • «Print numbers of measure» – If not selected, measure numbers are not printed.

«Drum map» – Map of a composition. (Used to translate drum notes to MIDI events.)

«Layout» – Default time signature and measure indent..

«Fonts» – the fonts used for different symbols on default i.e. in case if a certain font is not set up for a symbol of a score with the aid of instruments panel.

«Signature» – You can specify the author, poet (lyricist), and copyright of the composition. You can also provide a description of the piece.

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