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The following properties of any orchestral instrument are used when adding an instrument to the score in the new composition window. (See «New Document)

  • «Name» – The name of the instrument being added to the score.
  • «Abbr.» – The abbreviated name of the instrument being added on the next staff of the score.
  • «Group» – The name of the musical group to which the instrument belongs.
  • «Order» – The order of the instrument in the group. (This is used if sorting is active when adding an instrument.)
  • «Timbre» – The number of the MIDI instrument, which is selected from a predefined list.
  • «Transposition» – Transposes the notes of an instrument during playback. You can select the transposition parameter from the list located in the main menu: «Templates» | «Transposition».
  • «Line count» – The number of lines on a staff.
  • «Accolade» – The type of bracket for the chosen instrument. There are three options for adding brackets to the staves:
    • «None» – No bracket is added to the staff of this instrument.
    • «One Instrument Only» – The bracket connects the staves of the given instrument only.
    • «For the Group» – The bracket connects the staves of the entire group of instruments.
  • «Staff count» – The number of staves used by the instrument.
  • «Clef» – The clef of each instrument displayed next to its staff.

See <Composition properties>

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