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Click  to create a new composition. The new compostion’s window will open where you can set the general properties of the score. You can also choose to work from a template. You can create your own templates using the «Save» button.

The fields «Title», «Author» and «Poet» define the title (text displays in a large font at the top of the page) and author’s name (text displays on the right side of the page). Later you can change the title and author’s name and properties using the panel. See «Text properties».

«Create title page» – in this case the first page of the score will remain empty, automatically composition title, author and poet names are added.

«Add part names» – part names are recorded automatically before the first system staves, before further system staves short names are recorded.

The field in «Time Signature» sets the time signature of the composition. If a measure’s Time Signature is not set (a check box is not set up) the program allows adding any number of notes in the measure.

The fields in «Upbeat» sets the time signature of the first measure if it is different from the time signature of the rest of the composition. You can change this setting in «Composition properties». and «Section properties»..

The project area shows the active elements that will be used in your composition. You may change the number of active elements using the  and  buttons. (If a «Part» is active, you can change the number of a parts in the composition.) You can assign each element its own name, key signature or clef.

You can also select instruments from a predefined list of instruments by pressing the  button. (See «Orchestral Instruments».)
The basic settings of the score are located on the «General» panel.
The settings of the score layout are located on the «Page» panel.

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