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Describes the list of additional output sound devices, further this device can be chosen in the window «Service» | «Settings» | «Devices» | «Output».

The device uses Bass library. Playback uses sample libraries- music fonts.

Create device (Add button) assign the name.

Further this name is used in the list of output devices in «Service» | «Settings» | «Devices».

Then add Sound fonts ( button). Every font supports one or several timbres.

If sound font supports all timbres, value for the timbre-1 should be assigned for the sound font, otherwise, the number which you use in the program further on for the output of certain parts and voices, better according to MIDI standard.

File – File path, containing sound fonts.

Further in the program the timbres for the parts and voices are selected from the timbres list of described device (if it’s selected in «Settings») or according to MIDI standard.

See «Program settings

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