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To ensure the correct playback of drum notes, the program uses the drum note map, which describes appearance of the note head and the drum note position according to the MIDI specification.

The following two maps are used during the operation.

The first map is common to the system; it operates as a pattern for creating a map for each composition and is available for editing via «Templates» | «Drum Map». This map is not used in the composition directly.

The second map is unique to each composition; it is created from the common map during creation of the composition and is used for playing back the notes. The map is available for editing via «Composition» | «Composition Properties» | «Drum Map».

To playback the notes as drum notes, set the channel number for this part to 9 and set the clef for the staff to drum.

Adding drum notes is similar to adding other notes, except that you also need to press the «Drum note» button (on the «Notes», «Piano» panel) and change the note appearance (the arrow by the «Drum note» button).

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