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You can display musical notation as tablature. First configure the staff in the staff properties menu («Composition” | “Staff” | “Staff Properties»), the «Tablature» property. Set the number of frets and tune the guitar strings manually, or select a guitar from the templates list.

The guitar templates list can be expanded or edited (in the “Maestro” version) in the «Templates»| «Guitars List» window.

To display the notes on two staves (tablature and regular staff) simultaneously, add 2 staves to the part. Configure one of them as tablature and enter notes to it, and then copy the notes to the second staff using the «Paste Special» tool (menu«Edit»).

Adding notes to tablature is similar to adding notes to the regular staff, with these two exceptions.

First, when entering the notes with the mouse, you must change the fret number with the the «Ctrl»+«+» or «Ctrl»+«-» keys.

Second, when entering the notes using the virtual guitar, you must set the guitar type to the one set in the composition’s staff properties. Use the «Guitar kind» button on the «Guitar» panel.

You can also change the entered note’s fret number by selecting it and then pressing the «Ctrl»+«+» or «Ctrl»+«-» keys.

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