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You can expand the MIDI stream, generated from the score, with additional MIDI events. During playback or import from a MIDI file, these events are added to the basic MIDI stream.

A special editor was added to control these MIDI events. To open the editor, go to “Windows” | “Editors” | “MIDI Events Editor” in the main menu. The editor looks like a time diagram divided into measures and measure beats. The cursor of the editor is synchronized with the cursor of the score. The events are represented as consecutive bytes in the hexadecimal system of counting. To add a new event, place the cursor of the editor in the desired position and press the  button. A window will open where you can type in the text of the event in hexadecimal (without spaces) or choose an event from a list and define its settings. To change or delete a MIDI event, select it in the editor and click on the  or the  button respectively.

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