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The program allows definition of different effects («Grace Note», «Arpeggio», «Gruppetto», «Trill» etc.) and adjustment of playback parameters (attack and duration of notes) to values different from those shown in the written score.

The program do calculation of the symbols, which you can correct in the playback editor, how automatically so by manually. For automatically calculation, need set propert «Auto calculate effects symbols» in the «Program settings».

Manually the effects may be adjusted through the  tab’s dropdown box of the «Effects calculate» ) button and then by pressing the «Effects calculate»  button.

To adjust playback of individual notes, use the  tab’s «Playback Editor»  button. The editing information displays as bars: the blue bars showing position and duration as set in the written score, the green bars showing the playback. To change the position or duration of a note in playback, select it and adjust its parameters using the Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right or Alt+Left, Alt+Right keys. This does not change display of the notes in the score, only the playback.

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