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Music record is performed in playback mode. Please open «Record music» window clicking the button in the upper instrument panel or in the menu «Windows» | «Instruments» | «Record music». button should be clicked in this window. Then you can start playback from necessary place in the score ( command). You can stop the playback any time using command. The program will record the music of the whole played part of the composition. Then you can save file on the disk clicking button in «Record music» window. In save settings window (opened when saving the music file) you can specify data compression and select codec for compression.

button of «Record music» window allows you to open saved on the disk file.

In «Record music» window you can select record device (if there are more than one), set up the resolution (8-48kHz), number of channels (mono and stereo) and data dimension (8bit/16bit).

For the right music record volume control parameters should be set up, usually only stereo mixer is set up.

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