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Two music fonts (Classic and Jazz) are set in the program. Other non-music fonts are selected from the fonts set up in an operational system. Besides the program allows setting up the fonts of notes and symbols with the aid of additional music fonts’ description in «Templates» | «Fonts».

To use music font for music display in the program, every music symbol of the font should match symbols used in a program.

A new line should be added to the list to set up additional music fonts («Add» button) and a font should be selected from the fonts of a system (“Name”). Symbols of the selected font are indicated in the window to the right. Conformity of the program font with the selected font is indicated in the centre. Select a symbol of the program’s font then find its image on the list to the right and press the “Set char” button to set conformity of symbols. Press the “Reset char” button to cancel conformity. Vertical removal a change of width can be set for any symbol (as the program needs strict conformity of some symbols’ width with their graphical images but sometimes it is not like that). In the same way a scale and edges’ interval are set (as notes edges consist of several elements if there is a discrepancy between edges’ width of set-in font and additional font a deflection is set.

A change of notes, symbols and any text is made in the upper set of instruments. These symbols should be selected before changing.

Symbols can conclude both music and simple fonts, e.g. «Tempo» (a note – music font, a value – simple font) that’s why both music and simple fonts should be changed for it.

See «Font list

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