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The new Magic Score Maestro 8 became much more convenient and efficient. We added a large variety of sound effects. Special mention must be made of bends, which are now implemented with the correct graphics and sound effects. We also improved the publication of music on the Web and on our Music Portal.

Work with sound. We added more than 10 sound effects corresponding to different methods of playing.

1. Three glissando types are implemented in the program. The context menu allows for choosing one of the following types: piano, chromatic, and fretless glissando. The duration, start, and end time can be customized in the Piano Roll Editor.

2. Bends can be entered using the bend hat and arrows and are also implemented as sound effects. Like glissando, each bend type can be customized in the Piano Roll Editor. This allows the musician both to correctly notate the modern guitar methods of playing and to obtain the correct sound of the notes and tablatures.

3. Hammer On / Pull Off are implemented as sound effects. The sound of Hammer On / Pull Off has become more realistic, which also improves the phrasing.

4. Two types of vibrato, narrow and wide, are implemented as sound effects.

5. Stopped Note and Dead Note are implemented as sound effects.

Functions for facilitating your work

6. Display of voltes has been improved. Their size can now be customized.

7. The active focus function has been added. When the mouse pointer is located over a note, this function allows for an immediate work with the note without leaving the input mode. You can edit the pitch, add  the leagues, stray marks and strokes with hotkeys.

8. The input of rests has been enhanced. Upon the program start, by default, the input of notes and tablatures is activated. In the Keyboard Input mode, rests are entered by hot keys Shirt+1..8; in the Mouse Input mode, rests are entered by Shift+Left Mouse Click. This allows for a fast input of both notes and rests.

9. In any input mode, the playback is activated by pressing the Space key or by clicking the Play button in the Playing panel.

The program can now be learned much faster.

10. A Brief Quick Start Guide is created. Here we collected everything that will help mastering the program at any skill level, from beginners to more advanced users.

Improvements of the interface increasing the work convenience

11. We improved the main menu and the main instrument panel. In particular, we added the Sound tab in the instrument panel. Buttons for quick access to the audio editors have been added, they are located below the music sheet.

12. The Expressions panel has been enhanced. You can now create your own expressions and assign them specific actions, like Dynamic, Tempo etc.

Publishing music on the Web has been simplified, it becomes very easy to share your music!

13. Integration with the Music Portal. Now you can save your scores and, if necessary share them, on our new Music Portal.

14. The function of publishing music on the Web has been enhanced. It becomes easier for you to publish music on your website, in a matter of two mouse click you obtain the HTML code. We wrote a Brief Guide on publishing music on the Web, which contains all the necessary explanations.

To assess the advantages of the new MagicScore Maestro, download its free trial version.

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