What’s new in MagicScore Maestro 7 music notation software.

Now you can play music using music font sf2 (sound banks).This improves the playback even when using inexpensive sound cards. To play the score using assigned music fonts, select a sound output device as the current one.

New high quality fast score to Audio converter (wav and mp3). Now you can save a score into high quality audio formats to prepare for performances and to CD (DVD) production.

You can now transpose when changing the key signature. All the notes of the score, where the key signature changes, are transposed into the new key.

You can add drum notes from the Drum map list on the Note panel by selecting one of the MIDI standard names and clicking in the desired place in the score. Note appearance and layout in the staff is determined by the Drum map description.

You can add Jazz Swing as a special playback feature. The duration of the first note increases at the expense of the second one.

You can bind guitar frames to the page.They can be placed independently from the staves on the page.

You can assign a fixed tempo for playback, whenever a given term is found in the score. You can always assign a different tempo for the term in the score itself.

You can set the horizontal and vertical position of symbols relative to the notes. When you add symbols to notes, MagicScore places the symbols at a certain interval. The following settings allow you to precisely assign the offset.

You can now export a score to the PNG format (in addition to BMP, GIF, JPEG, and WMF). This format is the most suitable for publishing images on the Internet.




In addition to the metronome, which you can turn on during composition playback, an instrument called “Metronome” has been added. You can turn it on independently of score playback.


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