Music Notation Software for MS Word

You can enable Microsoft Word to type, edit, and print sheet music by adding music notation and composing software for MS Word to a product or bundle of your choice, or by replacing  stand-alone notation software altogether. By ordering a package consisting of a music scanning and music notation product, you can save an additional 50% off the price of music notation and composing software for MS Word.

Music notation products for MS Word are in high demand by authors writing books, articles, reviews, and educational materials about music, music education, as well as any other materials containing sheet music that include complex formatting. The formatting may include paragraphs, chapters, tables, formulas, and images. Thanks to the ability to edit sheet music directly in MS Word, you’ll gain a significant advantage in the speed and quality of the output.

We are offering two music notation products for Microsoft Word. Demanding musicians and those requiring access to the most extensive capabilities for working with sheet music in MS Word should select MagicScore Notation for MS Word. Music Making in MS Word is an affordable package offering basic sheet music capabilities.

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