MagicScore onLine Internet Music Notation Software

MagicScore Online is a free software tool that allows anyone to embed music files created in MagicScore Maestro, MagicScoreOneTouch Composer, MagicScore Notation for MS Word or MagicScore School into any HTML document with a minimum of effort. Once the program is properly installed on the server visitors to your web site will be able to view Maestro notation files *.sfd, MusicXML, MIDI, and Karaoke files in their web browser. Visitors can also change that music to play in other keys or on different instruments, print the music to an attached printer, or play the scores back over their computer’s speakers.

Viewing online sheet music

In order to view files in a browser users will be asked to automatically download the MagicScore OnLine plug-in for their Internet Explorer browser. FireFox, Chrome and Opera users will need to install MagicScore OnLine plug-in via Download button.

The new name of MagicScore Online is MagicScore OnLine


Newest MagicScore software has built-in WEB publishing function, that use this software.

Click here to download MagicScore OnLine plug-in and see online musical score example.