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This tool is on the  panel. The keys of the virtual piano correspond to regular piano keys.

The duration of the added note depends on the position of the mouse cursor on the height above the piano keys. You can see this duration changing on the mouse cursor.

Notes are added at the current position of the score, and if you have not pressed , the cursor moves to a new position according to the duration of the added note or rest. You may add notes from whole notes through 1/64 by moving up or down a given piano key and adjust octaves by using the scroll buttons . Use the addition buttons to switch between the addition of  and rests . Use the “Dot” , “Tremolo” , and other symbol buttons to attach the selected symbols to the notes added.

Move through the score using the scroll keys while inputting data through the virtual piano.

If the  button is pressed, semitones are added according to the rules of music grammar, otherwise semitone should be chosen by pressing the button /.

See «Hot keys».

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