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This software product is intended for the simultaneous automation of a record of musical scores for several musical instruments (for example: a whole orchestra) and for playing the created music.





  • Automatically corrects input.
  • Allows highly versatile editing (copies, inserts, deletes, and transposes both individual notes and selected blocks of notes).
  • Provides note entry through a virtual piano.
  • Includes a descriptive chord builder.
  • Anchors comments, references and other design elements to all units of the score.
  • Sets alignment, offset and break size of staves and measures.
  • Regulates volume, balance and effects for each individual track and instrument.
  • Reads and writes MIDI files and records in MIDI format.
  • Plays back instruments separately or as the entire ensemble.
  • Prints scores with print previews.
  • Supports Drag & Drop.
  • Allows Undo and Redo.
  • Records scores through MIDI devices.
  • Can print blank staves for notation.
  • Prints notes of the MIDI format files.
  • Exports scores as graphics (GIF, JPEG, BMP).
  • Manages orientation of the text on the sheet (displays the text at any angle).
  • Calculates the volume of the notes based on dynamics symbols on the music staff.
  • Calculates the playing of the effects (Arpeggio, Gruppetto, Vorschlag, Trillare) based on symbols on the staff.
  • Includes a playback editor for changing starting time and duration of notes.
  • Saves chord templates inside the program or in an external file for reuse and sharing with others.
  • Includes an upgradeable list of the music terms.
  • Allows adding chords using a virtual guitar.
The unregistered version limits the amount of data that may be input into scores

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