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You can change the parameters of added notes and symbols. Select notes or symbols with the help of the lasso or by holding the Alt key and clicking the mouse.

You can move all notes and symbols up or down, to the right or left, within the limits of the measure, and you can adjust the length of some characters, such as «Crescendo», using the  panel or with keystrokes. (See «Hot keys») You can useDrag&Drop to move symbols and notes. You can select multiple items while holding the Ctrl key and drag and drop them as a group.

If you hold the Alt key and click on a symbol of the score, the program will select all of the same symbols that belong to one line of the score (for example: an entire line of lyrics or chord texts).

If you hold the Ctrl key and click the symbols of the score the program adds (or removes if this symbol has already been selected) this symbol to selected list.

You can align selected symbols horizontally by the «Horizontal align» command or vertically by the «Vertical align» command («Modify» panel).

You can edit text or lyrics using a double mouse click. (This activates the score editor.)

A context menu is available for many score items (text, image, grace notes, etc.)

You can copy notes and symbols to the Windows clipboard.

You can cancel all changes using the «Undo»  command. If the «Undo»  command produces undesirable results, the «Redo»  command will restore the original state of the score.

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