Changing design elements

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  • Click the right mouse button on the design element («Text» or «Picture») you wish to change. From the context menu, choose «Edit text» or «Edit picture». Set the new properties in the opened dialog.
  • Activate the  tools panel using the mouse or the Alt+D hotkey).
    Select design element(s) on the staff. Set design element properties for «Text color», «Line color», «Fill color», «Text style», «Line style», «Fill style» or «Line width» by pressing the arrow on the corresponding button.
    Press the button of the desired property «Text color», «Line color» etc.
  • Activate the  tools panel using the mouse or the Alt+M hotkey).
    Select the design element(s) on the staff. Change the position or size of the design element using the «Move up», «Move down», «Move left», «Move right», «Size increase», «Size decrease» buttons.
    The «Horizontal align», «Vertical align» buttons permit aligning the text on the horizontal or vertical, for example, when writing lyrics.


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