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  • Activate the  tools panel (using the mouse or the Alt+N hotkey). Press the button of the desired note duration. Move the mouse cursor over the desired position in the staff and press the left mouse button. If the program is in «Multiple input»mode, you can add another note of the same duration. To choose new durations you can press the 1, 2, .. 6 keys, which correspond to the durations 1, 1/2, .. 1/64 or press the right mouse button and select the desired duration from the context menu.
  • Set the cursor on the staff (keys Left, Right, Up, Down), Set the current pitch of the note (keys Ctrl+Alt+Up, Ctrl+Alt+Down), Press the Enter key and then press the 1, 2, ..6 key corresponding to the duration 1, 1/2, .. 1/64.
  • Activate the  tools panel (using the mouse or the Alt+P hotkey). Press the «Note» button if it is not already pressed.
  • Click the mouse on the desired key of the virtual piano. The duration of the additional note is set automatically when you move the mouse vertically over the virtual piano keyboard. Buttons with left or right arrows permit scrolling the available octaves and buttons with Up or Down arrows permit scrolling the available duration settings.
  • the duration of additional notes using the Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down keys, and the desired octaves using the Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right keys. Press the C,D,T,F,G,A,H keys or Alt+C,D,T,F,G,A,H to augment the pitch or Shift+C,D,T,F,G,A,H to lower the pitch.

After adding a note, the measure will automatically be recalculated and the remaining available space in the measure will be filled with rests.

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