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(This feature is available only in the «Maestro» version).

Tools for working with expressions are located on the  panel. You can change the font used to display an expression by pressing the «Font» button. A dialog for setting font parameters opens.

If the list of expressions exceeds the size of the panel, pressing the «All Expressions» button on the  panel reveals the entire list of available expressions. The expression you choose will be added to the beginning of the  panel list.

Expressions are added to the staff as text, which can be changed as needed.

The program analyses terms in a composition and performs their functions according to the types of the terms (Tempo, Dynamic, MIDI events). Parameters can be found in a «Templates» | «Expressions» menu. When a term of «Tempo» type is added the program changes the current composition’s tempo set in the term’s settings. The program changes volume of notes for «Dynamic» type. The program sends a set sequence of bites to a synthesizer for «MIDI events» type. «Repeat» puts the «Play» button to the indicated position.

If you want to add new expressions, choose the main menu item «Templates» | «Expressions» | «List». This opens a window allowing you to add, delete or change expression parameters.

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