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Tools for working with design elements are located on the  panel.

«Lyrics»  and «Inscription»  are attached to the current staff position.

All other elements are attached to the page number and can be duplicated on all pages. Duplication properties can be set in text and image properties, or using the «On all pages»  and «On one page»  buttons (after you select the desired elements).

The «Attach to staff» / «Attach to page» button allows choosing a change case of element’s position on a score. In the first case the program draws the element according to the cursor’s position in a staff (current position of a cursor is kept while adding element) in the second as to the upper left corner of the page. The element changes its position in this case. In the second case the element is drawn independently of staves. The element can be doubled to all pages in this change case.

Buttons on the  panel manage the text and line properties, as well as the fill pattern and its styles such as the «Fill color»  and others. (Select the property you want to use before selecting items to be edited).

You can set text orientation with the «Orientation»  button and alignment with the «Left align» , «Right align»  and «Align center»  buttons.

Also you have the opportunity to change the position of design elements. For this there are the «Bring to front» and «Send to back» commands. When you select the «Send to back» command the element will appear under the staves and when you select the «Bring to front» command, it will appear over the staves.

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