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One Touch Composer: Creating a Digital Sheet Music App with Touch, Stylus, and Keyboard Control on Microsoft Windows* 8 Tablets

When Dmitriy Golonanov, the CEO of the international company, Maestro Music Software, learned that many musicians would rather use a lightweight tablet than carry a laptop to gigs or a classroom, he decided to enlist a small team of developers, which included Sergey Samokhin, to create music notation software that would run on Microsoft Windows* 8 tablets or Ultrabook™ 2 in 1s running Windows 8.1. The result of this inspiration is One Touch Composer for Microsoft Word*, which gives composers, music educators, and musicians of all levels the ability to create and share great-looking sheet music (Figure 1). Originally Submitted under the name One Touch Notation, One Touch Composer was the winning entry in the Tablets category of the Intel App Innovation Contest 2013 (AIC 2013). During the contest Dmitriy used resources from the Intel® Developer Zone.


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