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MagicScore provides two ways of transposing notes.

  • You can specify a Transposition parameter for the part («Composition» | «Part» | «Part properties»). Select a value from the drop-down list. In the “Maestro” version you can edit the list (“Templates” | “Transposition”) by specifying intervals in halftones. The specified transposition is used only during playback and doesn’t affect the notation.
  • You can also transpose the notes using the «Direct transpose» and «Reverce transpose» down buttons from the Transpose panel. You can select the transposition interval from a drop-down list. This method changes both the notation and the actual sound.
  • Transpositions in clef changes. You need to specify «Change notes» property (Transpose panel, arrow of Transpose button). It makes notes modified according to new clef.

See. «Transposing».

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