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(This feature is available only in the «Classic» and «Maestro» version).

Tools for working with chords are located on the  Add chords panel. Chords are added at the cursor position in the score.

First choose the root note of the chord to add –  Add chords, flat (bemol)  Add chords or sharp(diesis)  Add chords, and optionally specify whether it will be a major  Add chords or minor  Add chords chord.

The  Add chords buttons assign the 5th to 13th notes of the chord to be played. Flats (bemol) or sharps (diesis) for the 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th or 13th notes are set using the  Add chords.. buttons.

To delete a chord, first select it in the score and then press the  Add chords button on the left side of the chords panel.

The right panel has template buttons for the most common musical chords (template  Add chords – major,  Add chords – seventh, etc.). To use templates, press the root note of a chord and then the template button.

You can also create your own chords templates. Create a chord (2 notes or more) on the staff as usual. Select all the notes of the chord and save it using the  Add chords button on the  Add chords panel or from the main menu («Templates» | «Chords» | «Save»). Chords thus saved will appear on the  Add chords panel. If the full list of chord patterns exceeds the size of the chords panel, you can view them all by pressing the «All chords» button on the  Add chords panel. Any chords you choose will be added to the beginning of the list on the  Add chords panel.

To save chords you have created to a file, choose «Templates» | «Chords» | «Save» from the main menu.

To add a saved chord to a score from a file, choose «Templates» | «Chords» | «Add» from the main menu.

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